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Leading the way in combatting global warming

stora plantitaLeading the way in combatting global warming

​Political tides may be changing, but the momentum set in motion by the Paris climate agreement and the commitment of the leading businesses is irreversible. Stora Enso sees combatting global warming both as a great opportunity and a responsibility. We will continue to play a leading role in helping to keep the global temperature rise well below the 2 degree threshold.

The first truly global climate agreement was approved at the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in December 2015, and entered into force in November 2016. For companies, the agreement represents a unique opportunity to turn risk into a competitive advantage by offering innovations and solutions that can help to tackle global warming.

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La negociación de Uruguay con UPM sigue pero la decisión de inversión "está lejos"

astori ministroLa negociación de Uruguay con UPM sigue pero la decisión de inversión "está lejos"

El ministro de Economía de Uruguay, Danilo Astori, dijo hoy que se están cumpliendo los pasos previstos en la negociación con la papelera finlandesa UPM para la instalación de una segunda plata de celulosa en el país, pero que "la decisión de inversión está lejos".

En declaraciones a la radio local El Espectador, el funcionario indicó que en la reciente gira oficial por Finlandia conversó con las autoridades de UPM "pero solo para confirmar las etapas" de negociación, "que no se modificaron en absoluto" pero que todavía conlleva un proceso "en el que la decisión de inversión está lejos y no está cercana para tomarse en un corto plazo".

"Hoy estamos a punto de culminar la primera de tres etapas de negociación", detalló Astori.

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Quality assessment: a tool for operations development

upm retention trees landscapeQuality assessment: a tool for operations development

At UPM, we monitor the quality of forestry operations in various ways. Every year, we check the quality of the work at thousands of individual harvesting and forestry work sites.

In addition to internal and statutory assessment procedures, we procure forest and nature management assessment services externally. The information gained from all these sources provides us with an understanding of the level of quality of our operations and an opportunity for continuous improvement.
Quality assessment of FSC®-certified sites since 2013

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This hasn't happened before - Paper industry's strong women hold Finland's most important export

 cellulose This hasn't happened before - Paper industry's strong women hold Finland's most important export

Helsingin Sanomat interviews Kati ter Horst, director of Stora Enso's paper division, and Anu Ahola, director of UPM's newsprint and retail paper operations. Despite the declining demand for paper, ter Horst has improved her division's operating margin by 40 %. She points out that not all paper products are declining - the demand for copy paper is very stable. Ter Horst has been at Stora Enso for 20 years, starting out in sales in the Benelux region. Now her division has 5,000 employees and 20 paper machines. She believes that paper will never disappear, but paper-based magazines and newspapers must renew themselves and find a way to combine print and digital offerings. There will be paper production in Finland as long as paper is needed. She has never met Ahola, one of her main competitors. She says that there is nothing personal about this, but the history of her industry encourages her to be cautious.

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Necesitamos de los Bosques

Necesitamos de los Bosques2Necesitamos de los Bosques

Los bosques son uno de los grandes recursos naturales de la Tierra. Hay un motivo por el que hablamos a menudo en sentido figurado del “árbol de la vida”: los bosques son fundamentales para sostener la vida en nuestro planeta.

Hace ocho mil años la mitad de la superficie terrestre estaba cubierta por bosques o áreas forestales. Hoy en día estas áreas representan menos de un tercio. Los bosques albergan el 80 % de la biodiversidad terrestre del mundo y cada año se cosechan en los bosques tropicales plantas medicinales por valor de miles de millones de dólares. Además, 1 600 millones de personas dependen de ellos en alguna medida para su sustento.

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FSC disassociates from the Schweighofer Group

Forest Stewardship CouncilFSC disassociates from the Schweighofer Group

Will revoke company’s probation status
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has decided to revoke the Schweighofer Group’s probation status and disassociate from the group. This decision was taken by FSC’s International Board of Directors after additional information about possible violation of timber measurement standards, which will require further Policy for Association investigation to determine scope and impact, was brought to the board’s attention. FSC considers that initiating an additional investigation is not compatible with maintaining the probation status of the company.

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Stora Enso’s Annual Report 2016 published

stora fabricaStora Enso’s Annual Report 2016 published

Stora Enso’s Annual Report 2016 has been published online at storaenso.com/annualreport. The Annual Report is comprised of four separate publications: the Progress Book 2016, the Sustainability Report 2016, the Financial Report 2016, and the Corporate Governance Report 2016.

The Progress Book explains Stora Enso’s strategy, how we create value, and how our transformation is progressing. The publication is available as a PDF document in English, Finnish and Swedish. The Sustainability Report covers Stora Enso’s social, environmental, and economic sustainability performance. The report is available as a PDF document in English.

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