tronco eucalyptus grandisEucalyptus grandis Hill ex Maide

Alvaro Vallejo, Ingeniero Forestal MSC. Universidad Nacional, sede Medellín.
Fredy Zapata, Ingeniero Forestal. Universidad Nacional, sede Medellín.

Sinónimos. Eucalyptus saligna var. pallidivalvis Baker et A.C. Sm.
Familia. Myrtaceae.
Otros nombres comunes. Eucalipto, eucalipto grandis, grandis (Esp.); flooded gum, rose gum (Ingl.).

Origen y distribución. Distribución discontinua en zonas de litoral del sur de Queensland y norte de Nueva Gales del Sur, en Australia. Las mayores poblaciones se encuentran hacia el sur de su área de distribución natural, y algunas poblaciones aisladas ocurren en el norte de Queensland cerca de Mackay y sobre la meseta de Atherton.

stora enso crecimientoStora Enso teams up with startup company Sulapac

Simon Matthis

In Stora Enso’s transformation, there are key areas that will highly impact our businesses going forward. By working with startups and partners, we can pick up the pace and drive the full potential of renewable materials.

Partnership is not a new concept for Stora Enso. However, in the past few years, we have amplified collaborations with incubator startups and companies on the innovation path as well as research organisations and academic institutions. These partnerships are mutually beneficial, bringing resources, capabilities and insights to one that the other lacks and vice versa, or simply combining the ‘brain power’ of two for a common aim.

bosque sueco Forest companies plan investments worth billions of euros

The three major Finnish forest companies, UPM, Stora Enso and Metsä Group, made excellent results in January-September. Metsä Group was the winner in terms of profitability. The companies' pulp mills improved their results the most, as the price of pulp continued to grow. Also the results in other product sectors improved. For example, the demand and supply of printed paper is now in balance. Stora Enso plans to increase and improve its result in packging products in the next few years. For example, the company plans to turn its fine paper mills in Oulu into packaging board mills and build a ctmp mill in the area. Pulp mills in Finland and Sweden focus on specialty products.

metsaboard bosqueMetsä Board’s comparable operating result in January–September 2018 was EUR 192 million

Metsä Board Corporation Interim Report 1 January – 30 September 2018, 8 November 2018 at 12:00 noon
January–September 2018 (1–9/2017)

• Sales were EUR 1486.1 million (1397.3).
• Comparable operating result was EUR 191.9 million (139.1), or 12.9% (10.0%) of sales. Operating result was EUR 186.3 million (152.7).
• Comparable earnings per share were EUR 0.44 (0.27), and earnings per share were EUR 0.43 (0.30).
• Comparable return on capital employed was 14.7% (10.6%).

JUSSI PESONEN UPM Jussi Pesonen, President and CEO, comments on the results:
UPM Interim Report Q3 2018

Strong quarter sets a new benchmark for UPM’s performance
"The third quarter was excellent and sets a new benchmark for our performance. Our customer demand continued to be healthy and we were able to increase sales prices in nearly all businesses. In five of our six business areas, the price increases were sufficient to cover the impact of higher input costs. Our business model continues to deliver results.

Our sales grew by 6% and comparable EBIT increased by 20% to EUR 420 million. Our comparable EBIT margin reached 15.9% illustrating well our current performance level compared to the first half of the year. Operating cash flow was strong and our balance sheet was practically debt-free at the end of the quarter.

madera edificio SAB CanadaEDUCATION ARTICLE – SABMag
The Sustainable Architecture & Building [SABMag] Continuing Education Program

Erika Mayer, 475 High Performance Building Supply
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In the past century, builders used giant resources of energy and new chemical-based materials to conquer the vagaries of nature through power and mechanical engineering. An unintended consequence of these methods is that, today, our buildings contribute approximately 40% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. In the Anthropocene, human carbon emissions are driving global warming. Because of this, we can no longer default to past industry norms.

cop14 BIODIVERSIDAD TRONCOCOP14: Se necesita hacer más para proteger la biodiversidad, valorar el capital natural y los servicios ecosistémicos

Del 13 al 17 de noviembre de este año, los gobiernos de todo el mundo se reunirán en Sharm el-Sheikh, Egipto, para la Conferencia de Biodiversidad de la ONU (#COP14). En esta reunión crucial, los delegados de 169 países discutirán las acciones que son necesarias para proteger la biodiversidad que sustenta el desarrollo sostenible y la vida en la Tierra. También acordarán la forma de las negociaciones que conducirán, en 2020, a un nuevo Acuerdo Global para la Naturaleza, el marco post-2020 para la biodiversidad.

Fuente: The Guardian
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