ANDRITZ technologyANDRITZ to supply a complete a refrigerator recycling plant to Remondis Electrorecycling SAS, France

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Remondis Electrorecycling SAS to supply a complete recycling plant for refrigeration appliances to their dismantling center in Saint Thibault, France.

Cross-Flow Shredder QZ, the centerpiece of the new plant

The Cross-Flow Shredder QZ will be the centerpiece of the new plant and process refrigerators and freezers with a piece weight of up to 100 kg. Start-up for the new recycling plant is scheduled for spring 2019.

Forests withForests with different-aged trees is an exception

Heinäveden Koneurakointi has 50 years of experience of forest work. The company carries out felling mainly for the customers of Metsä Group. According to Pasi Mikkonen, he has never encountered a forest where continuous culture is practised. Arto Kaipainen, a forest expert at Stora Enso Metsä, agrees with Mr Mikkonen. They have only received one tender on exploitation felling. Mr Kaipainen says that the wood buyer carries out the felling based on the model agreed with the forest owner. The price paid for wood gained in exploitation felling is not the same as in clear felling, he adds. In practise, often part of the work is carried out as exploitation felling due to landscape reasons.

forest cortando arbolesUncertainty casts shadow on major companies' result season - forest companies more successful than others
Even though uncertainty in the world markets has grown, the results of Finnish listed companies developed well at the end of the year, forecasts predict. The profit forecast for UPM, Stora Enso and SSAB looks promising. During recent years, forest industry has been the best-developing sector in Finland. The companies' results have been strengthened particularly by strongly growing pulp prices. Analyst Harri Taittonen of Nordea says that a significant question for the sector is how the decline in China's pulp demand at the end of the year affects Finnish companies.

mariposa biodiversidadPrimera guía para mejorar la toma de decisiones sobre biodiversidad

Un equipo de científicos, liderado por Miguel Araújo, investigador del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN-CSIC) en España, ha desarrollado el primer estándar de buenas prácticas para mejorar el desarrollo de modelos predictivos de distribución de especies utilizados en evaluaciones del estado de la biodiversidad.

La aplicación de la guía mejora de manera considerable la selección y evaluación de los modelos, algo esencial para tomar decisiones relativas a las políticas de conservación ante las alteraciones producidas por fenómenos como el cambio global. Con esta guía, los científicos han revisado y evaluado 400 trabajos que han empleado estos modelos en los últimos 20 años.

ANDRITZ Pulp PaperAndritz to supply ATMP line to Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper in Germany

International technology Group Andritz has received an order from Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper to supply a new ATMP (Advanced Thermo Mechanical Pulp) line to their mill in Hagen, Germany. The Andritz ATMP technology is a highly optimized process design with modular process steps that ensure enhanced fiber properties at reduced energy consumption. Start-up is scheduled for the final quarter of 2019, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.

finland 0During the period January to May 2018, the proportion of picking and hatching increased to 3.7 percent of all planned fires, reports the Finnish Forest Center. 

One reason why the traditional crops still dominate in Finland and elsewhere is that the forests have been managed through thinning and finishing mills for decades and that they have therefore developed into the right-bodied stocks.

Forestry of tree populations of different ages is becoming more common in the privately owned forests, the Helsinki newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet, HBL writes.

The harvesting methods in so-called unusual forests are picking and hatching. By picking up, you remove the largest trees, so that you get light and space for a natural plant lookup. When shedding, small glands are made, where there are natural plants, explains HBL.

benjamin liberoff vice ministro turismoUruguay fomenta en Finlandia el creciente turismo de origen nórdico

El viceministro de Turismo de Uruguay, Benjamín Liberoff, participa estos días en Helsinki por tercer año consecutivo en la feria turística de Finlandia (Matka), la mayor del norte de Europa, para fomentar el crecimiento de visitantes de origen nórdico al país sudamericano.

Un año más, Uruguay cuenta con un expositor propio en la feria Matka para mostrar al público y a los turoperadores nórdicos los atractivos turísticos del país, haciendo especial énfasis en la ruta jesuítica, un proyecto conjunto con otros países de la región que muestra el legado cultural y arquitectónico de la Compañía de Jesús.