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Results for the first quarter of 2018

andritzResults for the first quarter of 2018

International technology Group ANDRITZ saw mixed business development in the first quarter of 2018. While the order intake of over 1.5 billion euros was very favorable and almost reached the very high level of last year’s reference period, sales and earnings were significantly lower than the reference figures for the previous year.

The key financial figures developed as follows:

Order intake at 1,532.8 million euros (MEUR) reached a very favorable level and was thus only slightly below the high level of the previous year’s reference period (-1.7% versus Q1 2017: 1,560.0 MEUR). The Hydro, Metals, and Separation business areas saw very positive development and were able to achieve – partially significant – increases in order intake compared to the previous year.

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Staying safe at work with flying robots

stora enso .dronStaying safe at work with flying robots

Drones are becoming a familiar sight around the world, whether they are used for fun or to increase automation. But have you thought about what they can do to keep people safe?

Stora Enso is testing drones at several mills in Finland, the Czech Republic, and China to make woodyard inventories faster, more accurate – and safer. Using drones for stocktaking means that workers do not need to walk between logpiles or watch out for the large telescopic handling machines used to move logs. This, of course, reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Logs in the woodyard are moved by telescopic handling machines.

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Growth with responsible action

stora enso 2Growth with responsible action

The objective of the bioeconomy is to reduce climate effects and dependence on fossil-based raw materials, as well as to use resources as efficiently as possible.

Today, it is more and more evident that an economy based on fossil fuels and other non-renewable materials is no longer viable for the long-term. There are more people, consuming more, and using up finite resources. Nor is it sustainable to depend on the traditional business model to produce, consume and waste. Fossil fuels are not just diminishing, but the products based on them are also creating mounds of waste products that will take generations to degrade.

In response, the bioeconomy can help to combat global warming, based on renewable sources that can be ‘regrown,’ recycled, re-used for energy, or naturally degraded.

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NASA pide desarrollar mejores detectores de humo para naves espaciales

cientificos nasaNASA pide desarrollar mejores detectores de humo para naves espaciales

 Científicos de la NASA mostraron que ningún detector de humo se ajusta a todos los tipos de humo en una nave espacial en un artículo publicado en Fire Safety Journal, lo que ofrece más evidencia para el futuro diseño a prueba de fuego de laboratorios espaciales.

Desde 2002, la agencia espacial ha trabajado con el Instituto Nacional de Estándares y Tecnología y ha estudiado a fondo el comportamiento del humo en microgravedad en un intento por desarrollar métodos rápidos, sensibles y confiables para detectar el humo durante los vuelos espaciales.

Los investigadores describieron la forma en la que observaron las partículas de humo de cinco materiales utilizados normalmente a bordo de naves espaciales tripulados, definieron sus características y evaluaron qué tan bien podrían ser detectados por dos sistemas tradicionales.

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UPM Paper ENA to be renamed UPM Communication Papers

upm biofore arboresUPM Paper ENA to be renamed UPM Communication Papers

Simon Matthis
UPM Paper Europe and North America (ENA) business area will be renamed UPM Communication Papers as of 26 April 2018. The new name underlines the industry focus and global reach of the business area. It further highlights UPM's long-term commitment to sustaining its global graphic paper business, building on the view that paper will continue to be an important part of the media mix in the publishing industries and business communication.

UPM Communication Papers is a world leading producer of graphic papers, offering an extensive product range for advertising and publishing as well as home and office uses. We serve our customers through a global sales network providing quality papers, strong services and an integrated supply chain. Our papers are produced in 15 paper mills in Austria, Finland, France, Germany, the UK and the USA.

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Hay que evitar la desaparición del suelo mediterráneo

CambioClimaticoHay que evitar la desaparición del suelo mediterráneo

El agua puede provocar zanjas en la superficie del suelo afectando sobre todo a los terrenos áridos de la región mediterránea

La aparición de cárcavas, unas incisiones producidas por el agua que escurre por la superficie del suelo, es uno de los problemas de erosión del suelo más comunes en los ambientes mediterráneos. La formación de este tipo de zanjas afecta más a terrenos áridos, naturalmente más sensibles a los impactos negativos de la erosión, y se está convirtiendo en una de las principales preocupaciones de los agricultores en esta región.

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UPM continues to grow in the global label paper business

 upmpaperUPM continues to grow in the global label paper business

As the world leader in label papers, UPM continues to grow in the attractive release liner segments to support its customers globally. Steady growth is expected to continue in all markets driven by favourable economic conditions and strong increase in specialty paper demand for labelling, packaging and e-commerce as well as in medical and hygiene applications.

Simon Matthis
To strengthen its position UPM will rebuild paper machine 2 at its Nordland mill in Dörpen, Germany and convert it from fine paper to glassine paper production. The machine will be equipped with new finishing equipment and starts producing glassine paper as of Q4 2019.

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