UPM alemaniaUPM invests in Germany to reduce costs and emissions 

UPM will strengthen its cost competitiveness and reduce its CO2 emissions by 5 % by investing in a Combined-Heat-Power (CHP) plant at its Nordland paper mill in Dörpen, Germany. The new facility supports the German energy transition “Energiewende” by contributing to the stability of the public power system.

The EUR 95 million investment to a new, highly efficient 80 MW gas fired power plant is financially attractive and further improves UPM’s environmental performance. The investment has a payback time of 3 years. The plant, planned to go on grid in Q3 2022, will cover the mill’s heat demand while enabling active participation in the increasingly volatile German electricity markets.

ntroduces digitalHolmen introduces digital wood scanning

Holmen is now taking another step towards more resource-efficient and digital forestry. Through an advanced three-dimensional image analysis of the forest company’s wood deliveries, Holmen will be able to increase the efficiency of transport and boost the added value of the wood.

“This is a climate-smart solution that makes wood scanning more accurate and the whole process more efficient. Unmanned measurement terminals offer the possibility to be open around the clock, creating greater accessibility and fewer queues. In this way, we can make better use of transport resources, which is good for both the work environment and the climate,” says Andreas Rastbäck, Marketing Director at Holmen Skog.

UPM supported bio basedUPM supported bio-based and circular economy startups at Kasvu Open

Kasvu Open is the largest sparring program for startups in Finland, with 800 to 1,000 companies applying every year. UPM participated in the Bio and Circular Economy Growth Path in several roles: as partner, miller and member of jury.

The Growth Path of the Bio- and Circular Economy companies culminated in the Runway Day and semifinals in August in Äänekoski, Central Finland.

“At Kasvu Open, we were looking for new ideas on how to use fibre and new ways to use side and waste streams, as well as improve resource efficiency, be it water or energy.

climaPhysical impacts of climate change under close monitoring

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a report helping UPM to predict the future physical impacts of climate change on its business. While acknowledging the risks, the report confirms that there are also opportunities as the world shifts to a low-carbon economy.

From the nature point of view, the impacts, such as heavy rainfall, storms and drought will be the biggest extremes all across the world. We need science to help us prepare for this.

global companyUnited Nations recognises UPM as one of the 36 Global Compact LEAD participants demonstrating world-class commitment to corporate responsibility

(UPM, Helsinki, 23 September 2019 at 9:30 EET) — UPM will today be recognised as a Global Compact LEAD participant for its strong commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and its Ten Principles for responsible business. The recognition will be addressed to only 36 global companies at the Global Compact Leaders Summit in New York. UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

take americaS/S Hurma, sailing from the past towards the future

Every nation’s collective psyche has its own, and somewhat romanticised, imagery. Take America. Wagons traversing through the reddish and empty landscape towards the west and a better future. In Finland’s case, what comes to mind is a picture of a lake and a steamboat carrying logs to a waiting pulp mill.

Back in the early 20th century waterways were the main means of wood transportation for the pulp and paper industry.

OFICINA9Uruguay, elecciones y contradicciones

Los últimos días antes de las elecciones en Uruguay, merecen un análisis del partido de gobierno, el Frente Amplio, que busca un cuarto mandato consecutivo pero que a diferencia de los comicios anteriores, no la tiene tan fácil en cuanto a la posibilidades de volver a gobernar.

¿Por qué a pesar de tantos errores y de los casos de corrupción, hay fieles que aún creen en el Frente Amplio?. Analicemos:

Con más de un 35%, cifras más o menos y haciendo un promedio entre los datos de algunas empresas encuestadoras, que aunque ha disminuido, sigue siendo notorio el número de adherentes a la coalición de izquierda, a pesar de hechos comprobados que podrían minar su credibilidad.