paper industry central finland upmPaper industry Central Finland: UPM is trying to produce newsprint in Jämsänkoski

In August, UPM announced the closure of Finland’s last newsprint mill in Kaipola, Jämsä.

UPM is trying to make newsprint at the Jämsänkoski paper mill, says Central Finn. Newsprint production in Finland was coming to an end when UPM announced in August the closure of its Jämsä Kaipola mill.

UPM’s Vice President, Society Stefan Sundman tells HS that it has not heard of the decision to relocate newsprint production to Jämsänkoski.

“The news may be due to the fact that we have tested whether the Jämsänkoski machine is suitable for newsprint production,” says Sundman.

Kaipolassa Newsprint is made from recycled paper, but according to Keskisuomalainen, recycled pulp would not be used in Jämsänkoski.

There has been no talk of closing the Jämsänkoski plant. Instead, Keskisuomalainen says that work in Jämsänkoski has increased and that production from foreign factories has reportedly been transferred to the locality.

PledgeTimes - USA - 02 Octubre 2020