bosques carbonoLos bosques intactos de la Tierra absorben el 25% del CO2 de todas las fuentes humanas

Una investigación de Nature ecology & Evolution advierte de que dañar estos ecosistemas dejará mucho más dióxido de carbono en el aire para calentar el clima

Los bosques tropicales intactos aseguran la estabilidad del clima local y regional, generando más lluvia que los bosques despejados y, por lo tanto, reduciendo el riesgo de sequía.

Las políticas de las comunidades mundiales y la ciencia no diferencian entre los valores relativos de los diferentes tipos de paisajes forestales -que van desde los más intactos hasta los que están muy explotados, fragmentados, quemados, drenados y/o con exceso de caza- debido en parte a la falta de una forma uniforme de medir su calidad.

upm cartelUPM interested in acquiring world's biggest pulp producer? 

UPM-Kymmene has been mentioned as a potential bidder for the Brazilian Fibria, the world's biggest pulp producer. Foreign and domestic companies are interested in acquiring a controlling stake in Fibria, according to the Brazilian Valor Economico. Evli's analyst Markku Järvinen says that the transaction is extremely unlikely, even if UPM might be interested in Fibria in principle. Brazil's political risks are considerable and Fibria's price is high.

The article mentions that Fibria owns the joint venture Veracell together with Stora Enso.

Kauppalehti.  FINLANDIA -  01 marzo 2018

REBROTES FORESTALESCopa Investimentos improves forest management with Inflor Forest

With extensive experience in the management of investment funds, Copa Investimentos, which is headquartered in São Paulo, manages forests planted in the states of Bahia, Mato Grosso do Sul and Minas Gerais. With the implementation of the Forest Registration, Events, GIS, Forestry, Mobility, Inventory and Exhaustion modules of the INFLOR Forest (SGF) system, the company started to gain total control and oversight over the forest productive chain under its management.

Copa boasts a strong control to mitigate risks that can affect the forest plantations productivity that it manages, acting in the administration of lands and properties, in occurrences and forestry events, in the silvicultural processes as well as in the monitoring of the wood market and forests costs.

agua curiosidadesCuriosidades sobre el agua

El agua es el recurso natural renovable más importante en la vida de todo ser vivo. El cuerpo humano está compuesto en un 70% de este líquido vital

El objetivo principal de abordar las curiosidades sobre el agua es que el sector civil, sea público o privado, cree conciencia sobre el uso del líquido más importante del planeta. Recuerde que si bien es cierto que todo en sí es agua, y que este es un recurso renovable, puede agotarse el suministro de agua potable si no se cuida de manera correcta.

Como ya se mencionó, algunos lugares del mundo, ya no poseen agua en sus embalses, lo que ha hecho que más de 1.100 millones de personas no tengan acceso directo al agua. Con tan solo 4 litros de combustible, se puede contaminar, 2.8 millones de litros.

dron storaStaying safe at work with flying robots

Drones are becoming a familiar sight around the world, whether they are used for fun or to increase automation. But have you thought about what they can do to keep people safe?
Stora Enso is testing drones at several mills in Finland, the Czech Republic, and China to make woodyard inventories faster, more accurate – and safer. Using drones for stocktaking means that workers do not need to walk between logpiles or watch out for the large telescopic handling machines used to move logs. This, of course, reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Standard PoorsStandard & Poor’s Ratings Services upgraded Metsä Board Corporation to investment grade

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has upgraded Metsä Board Corporation's issuer credit rating to investment grade, from BB+ to BBB-. The outlook of the rating is stable.

The upgrade reflects Metsä Board’s strong performance in 2017 and the expectation of strong cash flows in the coming years. The stability of Metsä Board’s business operations is supported by solid and long-lasting customer relationships as well as the strong market position.

biofore arbolesExternal audits ensure forest certification quality

Inka Musta
In addition to legislation, the use of forests in Finland is regulated by various voluntary systems. Forest certification is the most significant one. Approximately 85% of Finland’s forests are FSC® or PEFC™ certified. This proportion represents one of the highest in the world.

The criteria for forest certification include the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the use of forests. The certification criteria are established in cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders. The end result is a collectively recognized standard. Among others, this standard covers criteria related to legality, the environment and employees’ rights, in addition to the planning, monitoring and evaluation of activities.