papel itusaA tale of two cultures

While the fundamentals of the tissue paper business are largely the same in both Europe and China, consumers’ differing needs and demands have created distinct markets. Read on to understand why there is more to tissues, than what you see on the surface.

At USD 246 billion global revenue last year, tissue and hygiene paper is big business. As global population levels continue growing and standards of living rise, there is steadily growing demand for tissue paper products, especially toilet paper.

upm543Business acumen and ethics: Online courses develop young people’s economic skills for working life

Economy, work life and responsibility issues are often unfamiliar concepts for young students. Teaching materials provided by national influencer Economy and youth TAT and UPM are helping to answer questions on the business world and society.

Understanding the economy, skills for working life and entrepreneurial mindset are becoming increasingly important in Finland. Companies need a competent work force, both in Finland and internationally. Despite this increasing need for skilled employees, young people and their teachers feel that schools are not providing enough education on economy and working life. These skills should be learnt at home.

simo 5Finnish forests – a realm of riches on your doorstep

 In our busy, 24-7 digital world, achieving work-life balance has become increasingly difficult. Many people lead high-stress lifestyles which inevitably damage one’s health. Spending time in nature could be one way to unwind, says UPM’s Simo Mertanen.

“Metsän poika tahdon olla.”  “I want to be a boy of the forest”, is a line from a famous poem by renowned Finnish poet Aleksis Kivi, which perfectly encapsulates UPM’s Simo Mertanen’s relationship with the Finnish forest.

UPM Kymis Ville TapalinenHumans of Pulp: Youth is no obstacle to leadership for UPM Kymi’s Ville Tapalinen

Process engineer Ville Tapalinen might be the youngest professional at the UPM Kymi pulp mill, but that has not stopped him taking on responsibilities and opportunities to grow professionally. Find out more.

Ville Tapalinen reports to work at 7.30 am sharp, after a nine-kilometre bicycle ride from his home in Kouvola. Tapalinen works as a process engineer at the Kymi pulp mill, department of chemical recovery and oversees energy-producing steam turbines in the Kymi, Kaukas, Pietarsaari and even Fray Bentos pulp mills.

recycling plasticRecycling plastic – Are we moving in the right direction?

An estimated 32% of all plastic ends up being dumped after just one use, reveals the 2016 New Plastics Economy report. The EU ban on single-use plastics will take effect in 2021. New, tougher requirements will also be introduced for producers of other plastic product categories.

“The much-touted new legislation on single-use plastic products will not solve the huge recycling dilemma.

transportation in EuropeUPM designs seven new vessels with the Spliethoff Group for its sea transportation in Europe

(UPM, Helsinki, 26 August 2019 at 14:00 EET) – UPM enters into a long-term charter agreement with the Finnish Bore Ltd and the Dutch Wijnne Barends, both affiliates of the Dutch Spliethoff Group. Together, the companies will design and build seven state-of-the-art vessels for sustainable sea transportation for UPM in Europe.

“This arrangement is a consistent step in UPM’s logistics strategy. It will safeguard a sustainable, competitive and reliable shipping solution for our businesses and customers on long term,” says Lauri Rikala, Director, Global Break Bulk Shipping, UPM Logistics.

pulp balesRFID is paving the way for full transparency

 Transparency in the supply chain is essential to improve business efficiencies, meet stringent sustainability requirements and to scale up operations. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) might be one technology that could streamline pulp deliveries and possibly create a new industry standard.

Across many industries, businesses are being seized by the digital wave and scrambling to update their systems and processes.