upm libroNoticias agencias
UPM plantea incluir criterios medioambientales en la contratación pública

Unidas por Mérida (Izquierda Unida-Podemos-Equo) ha registrado una iniciativa en el Ayuntamiento para introducir cláusulas medioambientales en los procesos de licitación pública que lleve a cabo la administración municipal.

Esta medida supone la inclusión de criterios medioambientales en los procesos de adjudicación que funcionarían como requisitos de obligado cumplimiento para las empresas que pretendan contratar sus servicios, la realización de obras o de suministros con la administración municipal, según ha explicado la coalición este jueves en un comunicado.

CarinataCarinata – Seeds of climate positive change

Though no larger than mustard seeds, the fruit of the Brassica carinata plant carries huge promise for carbon-neutral traffic.

The “bio” prefix in biofuels might suggest a straightforward option for mitigating climate change. But cultivating plants as feedstock for biofuels is not entirely unproblematic. Not all methods of crop cultivation are sustainable, or climate friendly. And, moreover, if fields are allocated for cultivating biofuel feedstock, will there be enough land left over for farming food crops to feed the ever-growing global population?

upm pulp products tissueDoes paper towel come out on top in the hygiene stakes?

Ever since the Airdry Corporation of New York first developed the mechanical hot air hand dryer around 1921, a debate has raged over whether paper towels or hot or jet air are more hygienic. Where does the truth lie?

Hot air or jet dryers have been widely adopted in public restrooms, and cost and environmental concerns have made them a popular choice. However, research has shown that in the hygiene stakes, the humble paper towel could still offer the most responsible and hygienic way of drying your hands and stopping the spread of germs. 

paro araucoHuelga paralizó la planta de celulosa Horcones de la empresa Arauco

Un total de 460 trabajadores cesó sus funciones este martes, en demanda de mejoras salariales.

Dicen que la firma "es intransigente", mientras que ésta asegura haber hecho "todos los esfuerzos".

La principal empresa productora de celulosa de Sudamérica, Arauco, se vio obligada a paralizar las dos líneas productivas del Complejo Horcones, en la comuna de Arauco (Región del Biobío) tras el inicio de una huelga del Sindicato 1, que reúne a cerca de 460 trabajadores.

metsa fibraMetsä Fibre files environmental permit application concerning Kemi bioproduct mill on

Metsä Fibre has on 20 September 2019, filed the environmental permit application concerning the Kemi bioproduct mill with the Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland.

The authority, the Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland, will communicate the application via a public notice. After this, the concerned parties may file statements concerning the application. The permit authority will make a decision on the matter after hearing the applicant in relation to the possible statements. The company expects the bioproduct mill’s environmental permit to be granted in early 2020.

upm sustentavleUPM remains the most sustainable company in the Paper and Forest industry

UPM was named industry leader for the Paper and Forest industry in the Dow Jones European and World Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for 2019-2020 for the seventh time. Of 61 industry leaders recognised worldwide, UPM was the only Finnish company on the list.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices are published in collaboration with Robeco SAM. The SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) is the longest running global sustainability benchmark and the key reference point in investing. In 2019, over 3,500 companies based on market capitalization were invited to the DJSI, marking the biggest increase in corporate participation in the SAM CSA.

dia patrimonioDia del Patrimonio, celebrating the past

Visitors who come to the Margarita Heber Estate on this Dia del Patrimonio will have the chance to travel back in time and visit mid-twentieth century Uruguay. With the help of UPM, they get to experience the area’s storied past.

“When one manages to connect with the place, it is difficult not to travel in time to imagine the operation of this emblematic establishment,” says Jorge Cámpora, a UPM Forestry Coordinator.

Cámpora is referring to the Margarita Heber Estate, also known as Parada Arteaga, which opens its doors to visitors on the first weekend of October for Uruguay’s Día del Patrimonio, an annual celebration of the country’s cultural heritage.