Bosques bien conservados podrían retirar el 30% del CO2 acumulado en la atmósfera

Así lo sugiere el estudio más preciso hasta la fecha sobre capacidad de absorción de CO2 de las masas forestales.Unos bosques en buen estado podrían llegar a absorber hasta el 30% del CO2 acumulado en la atmósfera (unas 226 gigatoneladas, Gt), siempre y cuando se lleven a cabo de manera paralela los esfuerzos de reducción de emisiones comprometidos por los países y el sector privado.

ciudad China 1Xi Jinping pide un mayor control de la contaminación

El presidente de China, Xi Jinping, ha presidido una reunión de la Comisión Central para la Profundización Integral de la Reforma. Durante la misma, se aprobaron directrices orientadas a la protección del medio ambiente y las operaciones de capital estatal.

FOREST3Striking the balance – A sustainable future for forests

Forests play a pivotal role in the fight against climate change and in preserving biodiversity. With a sustainable approach, economic objectives and environmental responsibilities need not be at odds.Coniferous forests blanket vast territories in countries like Finland, Sweden, Canada and the United States. Canada and the US account for over 15% of the world's forests. Finland and Sweden both have forest coverage over 70%, making them the most heavily forested countries in Europe.

LUCIANBehind the wheel of a family business

Ana Inés Lucián's transport company was under threat during the pandemic. Now the Uruguayan family business founded by her mother has made a huge growth leap, driving workers to the UPM Paso de los Toros pulp mill 365 days a year.Ana Inés Lucián, coordinates bus journeys from her hometown of Durazno, Uruguay. The transport company's 17 drivers take tourists, business travellers and workers to their destinations every day of the year along Uruguay's busy highways.

UMPM2UPM Paso de los Toros off to a great start

The Paso de los Toros pulp mill is up and running in Uruguay – eventually boosting UPM’s current pulp capacity by more than 50%. General Manager Marko Sundqvist reports that the first months of the mill in action have proceeded according to plan.“We are moving towards reaching nominal capacity by the end of the year and then likely even pushing beyond it,” says Marko Sundqvist. The first pulp deliveries to customers were delivered in May.

MIAAKKKAAOpen feedback builds strong partnerships

UPM Pulp’s regular customer surveys provide valuable input for the continuous development of products and services and in ensuring customer satisfaction.Through customer surveys, UPM Pulp is able to deepen its knowledge of customer attitudes, thoughts and perceptions. Surveys have provided valuable insights to help further improve the company’s standards of excellence and offer a tool for continuous development that brings an external customer dimension to performance management.

CAMBEREAThe Pulp Express

The rebuilt and improved railroad connecting UPM’s Paso de los Toros pulp mill to the port terminal in Montevideo will create an efficient supply chain to world markets.Rebuilding the railroad leading from Paso de los Toros to the capital is one of the most significant infrastructure projects in the history of Uruguay.