upm entraEl grupo forestal finés UPM gana 1.496 millones de euros en 2018, un 54 % más

El grupo finlandés UPM, una de las mayores compañías forestales y papeleras de Europa, tuvo un beneficio neto de 1.496 millones de euros en 2018, lo que supone un aumento del 54 % respecto al ejercicio anterior, informó hoy la empresa.

UPM incrementó un 11,7 % su beneficio bruto de explotación (ebitda) en términos interanuales, hasta los 1.823 millones de euros, gracias a una mayor demanda y al aumento de los precios en todas sus áreas de negocio.

La ganancia operativa de UPM, uno de los mayores productores mundiales de papel de revista, alcanzó los 1.895 millones de euros, un 50,5 % más que el año anterior.

Jussi Pesonen UMPUPM CEO Jussi Pesonen named European CEO of the Year

Simon Matthis

Fastmarkets RISI, the definitive source of commodity data and insights for the forest products industry, has announced that Jussi Pesonen, President and CEO of UPM, has been named the Fastmarkets RISI 2019 European CEO of the Year. Fastmarkets RISI will present this award at the European Conference, which will take place in Vienna, Austria on
The European CEO of the Year Award is nominated by a group of investment analysts, industry consultants and commentators covering the European and global pulp and paper industry.
Reasons cited by nominators of Jussi Pesonen to win the award were: "His diligent efforts in the transformation of UPM to a business that was primarily focused on paper production to one that has broadened its reach across the paper and pulp market.

papael cosumoCrece el consumo de papel, films y térmicos más de un 5%

En 2018 el consumo de papel, films y térmicos creció un 5,4% respecto al año anterior, tal como se desprende de las estadísticas elaboradas por AIFEC gracias a la colaboración de las empresas Arconvert, Avery Dennison, Ritrama, Serpri, Torras Papel y UPM Raflatac. El crecimiento más abultado se dio en el consumo de films, que creció un 15,57% respecto a 2017, pasando de 118,3 M m2 a 136,73 M.

botnia upmUPM is tendering for a pulp terminal in Montevideo deep sea port in Uruguay

UPM is taking part in the international public tendering process in the port of Montevideo organized by the National Ports Administration (ANP) of Uruguay. The scope of the concession tender is the building and operation of a port terminal specialized in the storage and shipping of pulp

chemicals and other inputs related to pulp production with a capacity to handle approximately 2 million tonnes of pulp annually. The tender includes the design, financing, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of the pulp terminal. The tenure of the concession would be for 50 years.

fores.finland.troncosForest industry won all the way in cartel case

The Supreme Court will not take up Metsähallitus' demands in the timber cartel case. Aproximately 500 private forest owners, over 30 municipalities and Metsähallitus have litigated against Finland's three major forest companies for several years. They have all claimed compensation due to the wood cartel maintained by Metsäliitto, UPM and Stora Enso between 1997 and 2004. The ruling in the district court and in the court of appeal has in all cases been the same: It has not been possible to prove that those who sold timber to the companies suffered losses due to the cartel. The case is now closed. The Supreme Court on Tuesday announced that it will not take up Metsähallitus's appeal.

arboles finSupreme Court rejected appeal application from Metsähallitus in forest cartel compensation case - "Hearing would have been very important"

The Supreme Court did not give Metsähallitus permission to appeal in the raw wood cartel case. The decision by the Helsinki Court of Appeals will remain in effect. Metsähallitus chairman Timo Laitinen says that it would have been important to have this socially significant and complex case heard by the highest court in the land. In 2004, an investigation was launched based on a tip-off from UPM. According to the market court, forest companies UPM, Stora Enso and Metsäliitto operated an illegal cartel between 1997-2004. They were ordered to pay 50 million EUR in fines.

hojas forePöyry is taking Smart Forestry offerings to a new level with enhanced digital capabilities and services through the partnership with Simosol

Pöyry and Simosol have signed a partnership agreement to further develop combined offering in Smart Forestry solutions. Combining Pöyry's deep knowledge through forest based value chains with Simosol's wide experience in digital solutions will help our clients in generating value in their forestry operations covering throughout the supply chain.
yry's Smart Forestry approach is based on cooperation with the ecosystem of technology providers. The selection of best suppliers into our Smart Forestry offering ensures fit-for-purpose solutions for clients around the world. Our new partnership with Simosol improves the availability of state-of-the-art digital forestry solutions for our global clientele.