chagshu truck2Going electric in Changshu

UPM Changshu paper mill in China is the first company in the region to begin electrifying its logistics chain by starting to use electric vehicles for deliveries.

“This is the next step in our long-term objective to reduce the use of fossil fuels and minimise emissions at the Changshu mill,” says York Fang, UPM Specialty Papers’ Vice President Supply Chain Operations in the Asia Pacific region.

Together with its service provider Total Logistics Company, UPM introduced electric trucks on the mill site in October.

The electric trucks are used for container deliveries as well as for paper and pulp transportation. The new electric trucks help avoid approximately 40 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres. A three-month trial will be used to evaluate their performance and to ensure that the electric trucks are robust enough to handle heavy cargoes in 24/7 operations.

 “If the electric trucks live up to our expectations, we will initiate and encourage all our service providers to gradually replace their fleet of diesel trucks to and from the Changshu mill and between our regional warehouses and our customers in China,” York Fang says.

“We’re proud to be working together with UPM on this very meaningful project,” says Mr. Kan Guojun, General Manager of Total Logistics Company. “Our electric trucks have the required technical capability and robustness to be suitable for UPM’s operations. More importantly, they are emission free and we’re on the right path together with UPM to take the lead towards a more environmental and responsible logistics chain,” he continues.

“UPM is well known among customers and the government authorities for maintaining the highest levels of environmental responsibility and sustainable operations. I’m confident that our initiative will be very much welcomed, as it is also in line with the Chinese Government’s green policy. This will present a very positive, leading example in this region,” concludes York Fang.

Text: Isabelle Kliger

UPM-FINLANDIA - 18 noviembre 2019