communicating sustainability jargonWhat’s in a word? Untangling and communicating sustainability jargon

Organisations need to challenge each other to make sustainability targets and achievements clear, coherent and comparable.Sustainability issues have taken an exponential leap to the top of governmental and company agendas in recent years. The pace of change is sometimes dizzying, and as someone who’s been working in and around the sector for the better part of two decades, it’s quite incredible to see the transformation in the last two to three years alone.

seguias italiasSEQUÍA
Alarma en Italia: el mayor río del país parece un desierto

Se trata del legendario Po, cuyo nivel está casi 3 metros por debajo de lo normal; piden racionamiento de agua en 125 comunas de esa zona del norte.Desde haces meses el Tevere, el río que atraviesa la ciudad eterna, llama la atención por su bajo nivel y por el avance de las algas, efecto de la escasez de lluvia y el cambio climático. Pero aún más impactante y el alarmante es la situación del río Po, el más grande e importante de Italia, que sufre la peor sequía en 70 años.

UPM utilizando nuevos buquesUPM’s pulp transports using new environmentally smart vessels begin today from Pietarsaari

UPM, Pietarsaari, 14 June 2022 at 14:00 EET – Today in the Port of Pietarsaari UPM’s pulp is for the first time being loaded onto one of the new dual fuel vessels – Lady Marie Christine – which use liquefied natural gas (LNG) or marine gas oil. The pulp will be offloaded in Stetting, Poland and Flushing in the Netherlands, from where the softwood and birch wood bales will travel to customers in several European countries.

pulp mills in FinlandUPM has invested EUR 22 million in improving environmental performance of its pulp mills in Finland

UPM has invested a total of EUR 22 million in the environmental performance of its Finnish pulp mills during the latest maintenance shutdowns. The recently completed shutdown at UPM Pietarsaari was the second of the spring, right after the one at UPM Kaukas in Lappeenranta. To ensure good performance, UPM shuts down the pulp mills for maintenance approximately every 18 months. At the same time development investments are made in, among other things, improved operational reliability and environmental performance.

upm loTwo friends, a shared hometown and a common dream

Two young ladies from Paso de los Toros shared a career path that has taken them back to their hometown.The lives of Agustina Ramos (22) and Azul Díaz (21) seem to have moved along parallel lines since they first met when they were 16 years old. Both hail from the city of Paso de los Toros in Uruguay and studied to be technologists in chemistry at the UTEC university in Paysandú.

petroleo ruso4El alza de los precios de los hidrocarburos puede desatar una crisis global

Gobiernos y empresarios del mundo estudian cómo resolver los problemas causados por la caída de inversiones energéticas y la guerra en Ucrania.Desde el inicio de la pandemia con su secuela de ruptura o debilitamiento del comercio mundial, el alza de precios de los hidrocarburos y el aumento de la inflación, agravados por la guerra en Ucrania, los gobiernos y empresas del mundo intentan resolver la crisis que múltiples factores interdependientes ha desencadenado.

upm eucaFull steam ahead

Significant infrastructure developments in port and railway operations are underway in Uruguay as construction of the UPM Paso de los Toros pulp mill progresses. We have an update on how the work is proceeding.To ensure the efficiency, speed and safety of pulp transports from Uruguay to global markets, UPM is building a new pulp terminal at the Montevideo port. An improved and partly rebuilt railroad will connect the new mill near the city of Paso de los Toros in central Uruguay to the capital.