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Nuno Borralho: «En Galicia se talan eucaliptos antes de su rendimiento óptimo»

Eucalipto BlancoNuno Borralho: «En Galicia se talan eucaliptos antes de su rendimiento óptimo»

Ve absurdo sacar biomasa que nutre el monte y destaca la mejora genética
Xavier Lombardero
El ingeniero forestal luso Nuno Borralho participa en programas de mejora genética del eucalipto en distintos países como Chile, Colombia o Argentina. Se doctoró en Australia, cuna del árbol que alcanza en el norte de Galicia una gran productividad. Ha visitado plantaciones en A Mariña y Viveros Mañente, en Foz, donde apuestan por variedades mejoradas de nitens y globulus.

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Strong result for UPM

troncosStrong result for UPM

The Finnish forest industry is doing fine and UPM's interim report for Q3 showed a good result. The company's operating profit increased from earlier EUR 187 million to EUR 236 million. UPM's result is described as strong and its outlook as steady. Also Stora Enso published its figures recently and they were good.

Presents new austerity package in a few weeks
The Finnish forest industry recovers. Forestry giant UPM informed of good results in the third quarter. Operating profit has increased from 187 to 236 million euros a year. Recently also reported Stora Enso good quarterly results.

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Positive surprises from listed companies

troncos grapoPositive surprises from listed companies

Kauppalehti reports that listed companies reported better-than-expected Q3 results and notes that the forest industry, which was labelled a “sunset industry” has been a particularly positive surprise, which is reflected in results announced by UPM and Stora Enso. The positive trend in the forest industry has also had a favourable impact on the results of Valmet and Ponsse.

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Delegation from South american pulp and paper industry in Sweden

FINLANDIA chile brasilDelegation from South american pulp and paper industry in Sweden

On 12-17 October 2014, a delegation from Brazil and Chile, Sweden at the invitation of the Swedish Pulp and Paper Technology Group, PPT, in collaboration with Business Swedens office in São Paulo, Brazil. The purpose was to present the Swedish technology company to potential clients and key decision makers, and ultimately provide the Swedish companies to develop their business in the Brazilian and Chilean markets.

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España, segundo país de la Unión Europea en superficie forestal con 27,7 millones de hectáreas

bosques valencianosEspaña, segundo país de la Unión Europea en superficie forestal con 27,7 millones de hectáreas

El Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente acaba de editar el estudio ” Diagnóstico del Sector Forestal Español ” que recoge como España se sitúa en segundo lugar de la Unión Europea en superficie forestal, con 27,7 millones de hectáreas, solo precedida por Suecia.

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Stora Enso Q3 results published

stora enso8Stora Enso Q3 results published

Solid quarterly performance
Stora Enso has published its Q3 2014 results. Group sales at EUR 2 514 million were EUR 39 million lower than a year ago as the decline in sales in the paper products was only partly offset by the sales from Montes del Plata Pulp Mill. Sales, excluding paper, increased 3%. Operational EBIT was EUR 210 million (EUR 184 million), a margin of 8.4% (7.2%).

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UPM will not wait for the weak to stumble

UPM-Kymmene PAPELUPM will not wait for the weak to stumble

Kauppalehti reports that UPM’s savings programme has brought better-than-expected results but the company is already preparing another efficiency and cost-cutting programme, which it will reveal the details of in the coming weeks. CEO Jussi Pesonen is pleased with the way UPM was split into six fairly independent units about a year ago. UPM’s Q3 operating margin was 9.7% while Stora Enso’s was 8.4%. UPM’s balance is stronger than it has been in 15 years. UPM Paper ENA still accounts for 54% of the group’s turnover, while at Stora Enso paper accounts for 38% of turnover

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